“Attending a gym was not my ambition as a young man. I preferred to train and get fit outdoors. However, by my mid-forties the need to maintain body condition for later years became obvious.

I have now been attending the gym for 10 years and for the last 5 years been under the guidance of Paul on a weekly basis. This has been a very satisfying experience and I am in better condition now than when I started.

Paul is very experienced in all matters relating to strength and flexibility and has the added advantage of being a qualified physiotherapist. Additionally, he has been able to adapt our sessions to strengthen and benefit my golf game which is a passion for me. Paul is a good man and I thoroughly recommend him.

Phil Bell

“I have worked with Paul over the past 5-6 years, who has helped me with concerned issues, and injury rehabilitation. As an older, slowing down athlete that doesn’t want to give up just yet, Paul has been patient and reassuring throughout. I first met Paul when I had recovered from my second spinal operation, and have since had two right hip operations. Each time we have focused on maintaining strength and fitness prior to surgery, and afterwards, following a rehabilitation program to assist the recovery and road back to full exercise.

The most challenging period was after my first hip surgery in mid-2012, when I put to Paul that I was keen to do the Great Wall Marathon in May 2013. This did not leave much time for run training, as my impact work was possible for some months following surgery. However with a strict exercise program, and dedication from both of us, we had a plan and together we managed to get my body ready to take on the challenge. Getting prepared for any endurance event, is not only about cardio fitness, but strength and flexibility. It is these aspects that are often neglected by a lot of athletes until they start to have problems. I have also been educated from my triathlon coach, that cross-training is important, and has great benefits. As I enjoy a number of sporting disciplines, I always mix up training sessions to ensure that I am not only doing impact work on my aging joints.

You only have one body, so you have to ensure you are doing the best you can to look after it. With Paul’s weekly sessions, we have managed to keep me moving and enjoying the activities I love. Although there have been some period of great frustration during the injury times, it is Paul’s continual positivity that keeps me keeping on.

Raewyn Corser

“In July last year I suffered a debilitating injury to my back, which required surgery as the initial step to recovery. I knew that recovery from a significant back operation would require a long structured rehab/physio programme. I lead an active life and wanted to get strong and back to normal life as quickly as possible.

In this regard I was lucky to be able to get Paul Govier to plan and manage my recovery. Combined with his obvious expertise in Physiotherapy he has a deep understanding of body mechanics and exercise, which in my case was absolutely necessary. He was able to lead me through a structured Physio/exercise programme that got me back on my feet, feeling confident, and strong in a matter of weeks. Paul is a caring thoughtful professional and I can’t recommend him enough.

Greig Allison

My physiotherapy story started seven years ago, I was in a football accident where I dislocated my shoulder and tore my supraspinatus muscle in three places. It was the single most agonising experience of my life (and I’ve hurt myself a few times!). I was out of action for 4.5 months with hardly any movement possible in my right shoulder. Three physios, two PTs and one neurologist later and the pain was still quite intense in my right shoulder. I couldn’t train properly, I couldn’t sleep properly, I couldn’t even pick my nephews up to give them hugs without pain!

And then I moved to Auckland, my weight ballooned and I was at my most unfit in many years. So, I started working with physiotherapist and trainer Paul. With Paul’s guidance and carefully planned sessions, my shoulder hasn’t caused me any pain and feels stronger than ever. But the effect Paul has had on my life isn’t just about sorting my shoulder out. I can’t describe how motivational he has been; encouraging me to challenge myself in new ways but always keeping me at a pace that I don’t hurt myself.

In eight months with Paul, I have lost 24kgs and 10cms around the waist but my biggest accomplishments are not measured with a tape. My confidence has never been so high and my determination is right up there with it. Every New Year I set myself a challenge and this year was the first time I’ve actually given it a go. This year, I wanted to be able to run around the field for a full football game. This turned out to be much easier to do than I ever thought with Paul’s help. After four months, I ticked that off my list and completed my next challenge. The Auckland half-marathon.

So to mark my one year anniversary with the Exercise Room and specifically with Paul, I took on-and successfully completed-the ‘Tough Mudder’ challenge which was a true testament to Paul’s amazing training considering when I started with him, raising my hand above my head was painful (pulling myself over a 10 foot wall was an idea I would’ve laughed at!).

Paul: thank you for an awesome year. This year has been the single best year of my life and you’ve given me a gift that I can’t thank you enough for. Being able to do things without pain is truly fantastic, but that’s not what I am most grateful for. You have given me my confidence back by making me feel great about myself and by challenging me and pushing me and encouraging me to do things that I would normally balk at. My life is truly better in so many ways for having had the privilege of being a client of yours and I look forward to what you can help me achieve in the future.

Andy Todd