Exercise Rehabilitation

Keeping fit and staying active has become a part of so many people's lives now that it's rare to come across anyone who doesn't enjoy recreational exercise. We understand too that it's hard and demoralising when pain arrives and takes some of that enjoyment away.

That's why at Mold we want to know what you enjoy doing so we can plan a simple exercise routine to get you back and moving again. We will take you through some simple home or gym-based stretches and exercises for both balance and strength.

All our exercises are 'tiered', that means with each session we slowly progress you from one exercise to the next without changing them too much and complicating things. Simple is good, simple and enjoyable is great! We will also send your program to you digitally every session, so you don't have to remember things there and then. 


Other Packaged Physiotherapy Services

Take our online Assessment

At Mold, we can help you with your injury from your own PC, laptop or device! Our online questionnaire will help diagnose the cause of your pain, where it has come from and how we can help.