Are you a keen runner?
Are you training for an event?
Upping your distances?
Varying your terrain?

But are you getting aches and pains? And as a result of this pain, are you staying off the terrain, dropping your distances, training less, and now not as keen as you once were? Do you feel you are going backwards instead of forwards?

How about a solution to your situation? You need Sprint! Our health and fitness package aimed at runners.

Mold founder Paul Govier is an experienced and committed distance runner who has completed many half and full marathons and runs in our own Waitakere ranges 3-4 times a week. He not only understands the human body, but how pain is caused by running.

His Sprint! program offers running assessments that are quick, simple and can get you back on your feet fast. So, if you’re looking for a personal best time, or just want to get over the line. The Sprint program is implemented over eight weeks and includes an initial 60-minute assessment followed by weekly sessions with your personal physiotherapist/running coach.

Your Sprint program is customized and will include:

  • Week one: A 60-minute initial consultation. A detailed discussion covering your running, running goals and what’s slowing you down.
  • Week one: Injuries. A detailed discussion on how pain is limiting your running, from Achilles Tendinopathy and Patella-Femoral pain, all the way down to aching muscles sore knees we diagnose your problems and use our physiotherapy skills to remove solve these problems.
  • Week two: Assessment of your flexibility, joint mobility, muscle stability, strength and a look at performance to find out where any physical fitness problems lie and how to construct your personal exercise sessions.
  • Week three: Observation of you running on a treadmill with detailed analysis of your style and how your technique impacts your performance.
  • Week four: Assessment of your running shoes, looking at wear patterns, fit and if your shoes are right for you.
  • Week five: A discussion on nutrition, hydration, sleep and what to do on rest days.

Invest in yourself and get this eight-week personalized program for $130, per person, per session. Get all your needs met with one person. Book today and we’ll get you up and running!


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