Mold Physiotherapy Services during Covid-19 traffic light system.

Mold physiotherapy can provide face-to-face appointments during the traffic light system.
Mold physiotherapy employs comprehensive and safe operating protocols to ensure the safety of you, your family and that of our staff. Including.

Compulsory use of masks for all clinic attendees.
Your physiotherapist is fully vaccinated.
Compulsory use of the QR code scanning system.
Our unique on-line assessment screening form can also help you and your physio decide if you need a face-to-face visit, check out this exclusive service below!
We keep a full record of all clinical visitors.
Digital 'Telehealth' appointment are still available for those who do not wish to attend the clinic.
Easy-to-use Covid-19 screening questionnaires are sent to your email prior to your appointment for you to fill-in.
Our appointments are one-on-one, meaning you will not come into contact with other patients.
Your temperature is taken when you arrive.

Take our online Assessment

At Mold, we can help you with your injury from your own PC, laptop or device! Our online questionnaire will help diagnose the cause of your pain, where it has come from and how we can help.


Packaged Services

We are also proud to offer our exclusive packages for adolescents, modern women and runners.

Personal Training

Mold physiotherapist Paul Govier is also a personal trainer with over twenty years of experience and we offer on-site personal training for all.

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Exercise Rehabilitation

Keeping fit and staying active has become a part of so many people's lives now that it's rare to come across anyone who doesn't enjoy recreational exercise

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Are you a keen runner or training for an event? Are you getting aches and pains? Find solutions with our 'Sprint' running program which includes injury and pain management interventions, running and fitness assessments and regular sessions with your personal physiotherapist/running coach to get you enjoying running again!

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Spirit is a personal, youth orientated sports coaching module aimed at preventing injury, developing health and fitness education, and supporting the health and well-being of young adults so they can reach their full sporting potential.

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Elle Health

Are you constantly trying to juggle several important areas at once? Job, children, errands, friends and other modern responsibilities? Elle Health is a personalised nutrition, sleep and health program designed exclusively for women.

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